June 13, 2019



BEWARE…Scammers are asking shoppers to buy EBAY cards and scratch off the codes.  They are then requesting they be sent by email to an email address that looks like CTCSS but IS NOT CTCSS. Please see our website and look at the Scammer Alert for more information on this Fraud!

February 12, 2018

Another Check Cashing Scam!

Texas shoppers-be aware of this checking cashing scam in your state!

February 6, 2018

Another scammer caught!

December 12, 2017


WARNING: Please note that if you have been contacted recently by email and asked to cash a check, this is NOT from Coast to Coast Scheduling Services, Inc.

***Coast to Coast Scheduling Services Inc.  has been targeted in a mystery shopping scam***

12/13/2017 UPDATE

Michael Caulfield, using the email mailed a check out for $2850, asking the person to deposit it and purchase $2500 in gift cards plus a $30 clothing item and keep $320 for “weekly commission, your logistics and gift card charges fee”.


He also instructs “Completing assignment fast earns you reward to receive more assignments promptly. I want you to know that completing assignment and sending in the report as soon as funds are available in your account earns you 30% payment increase on your next assignments.”


12/12/2017 Update

Beware of emails from the following: Mark Wilder and Michael Finnell

These people do NOT contract with CTCSS.


 A scammer using the name Michael Caulfield using this email address:, our company name, a signature and logo similar to ours, but NOT ours, is emailing shoppers with an opportunity to shop and earn hundreds or thousands of dollars!

They will tell you that a check is mailed to your home specifically on December 18th and the shopper is asked to make a purchase of one or two products from any nearby store not costing more than $50 and give them feedback on their customer service delivery.

This is NOT Coast to Coast Scheduling Services, Inc.!

Should you receive an email or check, DO NOT follow through with the instructions. The check will bounce and you will be held liable by your bank for the funds.

Coast to Coast Scheduling Services, Inc. is not the only company in the mystery shopping industry being targeted, so be alert!

Coast to Coast Scheduling Services, Inc. lists all the Schedulers and Editors we contract with and employees on our contact page. If you receive an email from someone who is not listed – assume they are a scammer. If you see someone who IS listed, check the email address and email them for confirmation or call our office line to confirm.

Please share this information with your friends and family. We do not want to see anyone be billed out of thousands of dollars – especially under the premise of working with us.


Mystery shopping or Scheduling companies will not:

1. Send you a check before a shop. Especially with a brand new shopper. And never in thousands of dollars.
2. Ask you to deposit that check and immediately make a transaction to purchase gift cards or send money.
3. Not provide a phone number where you can reach them.

If something doesn’t seem right, please double check with the company who is being represented. Do not take any action until someone from that organization confirms this is a legitimate mystery shopping assignment.

More information about these scams is available at MSPA-NA’s industry trade association website.

November 8, 2017


Please forgive us while we are working on a NEW site featuring easy ways to find the shops you love from the company who has them all.  Keep checking back to see our progress!

November 3, 2017

Daylight Savings ends....Set Your clocks back 1 hour (1)

Remember to Fall Back this Weekend

Love it or hate it, daylight saving time officially ends this Sunday at 2:00 am.  Clocks across the country will be pushed back an hour…hopefully.  But why do we do it?  What’s the deal with daylight savings time anyway?

Good old Ben Franklin first had the idea.  I’m beginning to think it was not one of his best ideas.  Others played with the notion throughout time but it was never acted on until World War One.  In 1918, Congress  approved of the Standard Time Act giving us our first taste of daylight saving time.  Although it was repealed shortly after, many states kept while others did not.  Finally in 1966, Congress acted again and daylight saving time as we know started.  When it begins and when it ends has changes every now and then, but for now, it begins the second Sunday in March and ends, well now…the first Sunday in November.  Unless of course you live in Arizona, or parts of it, and Hawaii.  They don’t bother with it all.

Some claim it’s a waste of energy.  Others say it’s bad for your health.  Reports claim crime drops during daylight saving time.  And who doesn’t love those long, summer nights?  So, what do you think?  Love it?  Hate it?  Let us know!