Meet Our Schedulers and Editors

Meet Mary!


1-Where do you live?

I live in Medina, Ohio on a 10 acre mini farm. I love it here. Lots of space, farmers and Amish!  It is very rural but our little town just got a “Dollar General” so that is the most excitement we have ever had!
2-How long have you scheduled/edited?

I have been scheduling since 1999 off and on.  I have been working for Coast to Coast since 2013 and love it! I recently started editing and keep myself really busy!

The one thing I have found about scheduling is to have patience, be fair and always answer the shoppers emails! I also try to remember that real life gets in the way sometimes and if a shopper emails and says they are sick, or their kids are, I believe them and try to make arrangements to reschedule!
3-Tell us about your family

I have been married to Steve for 37 years- ( lifetime) and have two adult children. Steven and Kelly. Steven was married in 2016 to Missi.

Pets- that is a hard one! I have been rescuing dogs for about 12 years.  I currently have two pit bulls, a doberman and a chihuahua.  We also have 23 chickens who feed us fresh eggs for breakfast and baking!

Though I love all my dogs my heart belongs to my doberman. He was starved twice and when I rescued him, he only knew living in a crate for four years. Sad but it happens more than we realize. I would suggest if people are looking for a pet, to please look for rescues. They make the most loving pets.


4-Favorite leisure activity (HA!  Let’s pretend you have time)

Well, since I have a lot of work to do at home, between scheduling and editing and taking care of my animals I spend a lot of time at home. In the evenings, I draw, or crochet.  I find both relaxing and rewarding. In the summer, I can vegetables, make jams and freeze veggies from our garden or I buy from the Amish.
5-Any other interesting fact or tidbit you’d like to share. 
I am really close to my kids and I mean really close. Since everyone has moved back at home I am thankful my house is fairly large and my yard so we can all find a little bit of peace, quiet and privacy.