Meet Our Schedulers and Editors

Meet Robin!

Robin Fam pic

It’s time to meet our scheduler, Robin!

Hi, I’m Robin from Rural East Texas and  I’ve scheduled for 8 years.

My husband Tristan and I will be celebrating our 16 year anniversary this year, and we have 2 girls, Emma and Lily, that will be 9 and 7 soon!  We have one pet.  A kitty named Scratchpole….I know.  My daughter named her.

I love to volunteer (with my kids).  This work is very important to me, and how I choose to spend many hours during the week.  I home school my girls, which is also very rewarding.  I feel spoiled getting to spend that much time with my kiddos! Seeing each stage of them growing into their personalities is so special.  My husband and I both love to cook, so on the weekends we like to make elaborate meals together.  We also love being silly as a family.  It wouldn’t be a shocking thing to walk in and find us all having a karaoke battle in the living room.

I actually love my job!  The flexibility it offers, allows me the freedom to have a full life.  Not to mention all the lovely people I have met along the way.




Meet Paula!

paula h

Hi, I’m Paula from Los Banos, CA

I have worked in the Mystery Shop industry for over 32 years in many administrative capacities including editing with CTCSS. I have 5 children aging from 18 to 29. I also have 3 cats. I love reading and doing things for other people in all of my spare time .  I am also an undercover workers’ compensation investigator and real estate agent. 

Nikki’s Office!

Many people are not sure where we all work from.  Do we sit in little cubicles all day?  In corner offices?  On the beach?  Most of us work from home..although I’m sure a few have tried scheduling at the beach!  Some of us sit on our couches in front of the television.  Some sit at the kitchen table with a cup of coffee.  Others have a designated office space.  And then there’s Nikki.  Her office puts some CEO’s to shame!

nikki desk

Amazing right?  He husband BUILT IT FOR HER!  According to Nikki :

So y’all can see where I work… hubby just finished my desk. Made out of reclaimed wood from slaves quarters and old tin! Many hours of hard work. Welcome to my home office!!

Anyone else drooling yet?

Meet Mary!


I live in Medina, Ohio on a 10 acre mini farm. I love it here. Lots of space, farmers and Amish!  It is very rural but our little town just got a “Dollar General” so that is the most excitement we have ever had!

I have been scheduling since 1999 off and on.  I have been working for Coast to Coast since 2013 and love it! I recently started editing and keep myself really busy!

The one thing I have found about scheduling is to have patience, be fair and always answer the shoppers emails! I also try to remember that real life gets in the way sometimes and if a shopper emails and says they are sick, or their kids are, I believe them and try to make arrangements to reschedule!

I have been married to Steve for 37 years- ( lifetime) and have two adult children. Steven and Kelly. Steven was married in 2016 to Missi.

I have been rescuing dogs for about 12 years.  I currently have two pit bulls, a doberman and a chihuahua.  We also have 23 chickens who feed us fresh eggs for breakfast and baking!

Though I love all my dogs my heart belongs to my doberman. He was starved twice and when I rescued him, he only knew living in a crate for four years. Sad but it happens more than we realize. I would suggest if people are looking for a pet, to please look for rescues. They make the most loving pets.


Since I have a lot of work to do at home, between scheduling and editing and taking care of my animals I spend a lot of time at home. In the evenings, I draw, or crochet.  I find both relaxing and rewarding. In the summer, I can vegetables, make jams and freeze veggies from our garden or I buy from the Amish.

I am really close to my kids and I mean really close. Since everyone has moved back at home I am thankful my house is fairly large and my yard so we can all find a little bit of peace, quiet and privacy.